Consultant Resources

Become a Consultant tab will take all interested parties to the next step in joining our Network. You will have several options to get started and in some cases you may have to qualify by passing a series of test questions. All new Consultants will have to sign a NCND agreement to work as an Independent Consultant as well as fill out a W-9.

Once you have joined our network you will have access to all our resources, products, and services.

The Consultants Network is designed to empower serious Entrepreneurs Nationwide. Your success is our success.

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New Prospect section will allow you as a Consultant to submit any prospect into the Network without selecting a specific category or need.

In many cases clients need a full consultation and they are unsure of what we are capable of and what all they need help with. This is also good for quick submissions.

Building your pipeline of prospects is essential in becoming a great Consultant.

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Tools & Demo Links will connect you with the necessary resources to share with your potential clients.

These resources will help them better understand the possibilities when working with a consultant from The Consultants Network Inc.

This section will be updated regularly as we develop more tools and links to assist our Consultants. You will have access to videos and tutorials later to help you in the sales process.

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Consulting Docs is a section we created so that you as Consultants can access the necessary docs you may need to sign up a new customer. These documents will be updated and changed regularly as well.

Business is constantly changing and so must we. You will be able to access necessary contracts to get your clients started immediately.

As you become more familiar with these docs you will build more confidence in your ability to assist your clients.

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